Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Day at China House, Penang 唐人厝

It was a sunny day on Saturday noon. We were on traveling mode as we going to have a one night stay in Penang Island, Home away from home... Hah!

After finish all the must-do weekend house chores, we finally out from our house around 3pm. The first stop was to check out Kopi Cine, have heard the name long time ago but haven't got the time to check it out, long list on our schedule. :p

Driving up and down the Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai), but we failed to find the shop named Kopicine. Half of the Beach Street is in one-way-street, while the other half at banker side are 2 ways. We were told it's after the Bomba Station, after? From which direction? Wrong wrong wrong...

Finally, we park our car and start walking instead. 155, Beach Street..... 155... Deng Deng~ Found 155! Yii? The shop's signboard is not Kopi Cine wor... "zap lap" already izzit?
Anyway, it is now named China House. Located same row as Bomba Station, just few shops away (not more than 6 shop lots I think) on the left of the Bomba (one way street side), slightly near to the opposite of Lebuh Ah Quee.

The moment we step into the shop, haven't found a seat, we already started shooting, ahaha.. can't help. I trying to avoid eye contact, wondering if shop owner or any staff is showing a supercilious look on us, haha~

First part of the shop are furnished with Colonial cafe settings. 

After that, is the courtyard place, the greatest Chinese house structure which is long forgotten in 21st century construction. The patio, at the center of the house, bringing sunlight to the darkest place of all, making the whole house fully sunshine covered.

Next, it comes to a reading area with long table and bench. Plenty of reading materials on the shelf, you can really spend your whole day here.

 After the reading spot, we saw washroom, thought is the end of the shop, but... no. A back garden welcomed us.

Passed through the back garden, is a bistro in front of me. A nice ambient lounge feel area with an old piano below the staircase.

Walking through the lounge towards the door, I stepped outside, find myself standing on a street and asking, where am I? I turned my back, looked up, the signboard above - China House.

Exploring the shop itself was a great surprise. There are few spots that I didn't upload, kept them for you to explore.

We finally finish shooting, and sat back for a tea break.

We ordered a slice of Asparagus Quiche, Chocolate & Raspberry Layer Cake and a pot of English Breakfast tea. They cost RM8, RM15 and RM10 respectively, before tax.

The quiche and cake is good. Not impressive but tasty. The tea is good as well with its smoothness. I believe they use quality ingredients, I saw they using Farmhouse fresh milk when making the drinks. So with the pricey, you get what you paid for. I must say, the people in the house, they all speak really good English.

The lounge, which they named it The Canteen, is inviting people to show their talent on every Sunday, 6-8pm. The rest of the weekend night, they have different artist performing live here. And they have Kien Lim on concert tonight. Wanted to check it out here again tonight? Why not?

The table is covered by mahjong paper and noticed the crayon in the cup above? Some casual drawing? Feedback: Don't buy those oil-based crayon, very hard to draw... stick with Buncho instead. :p

Left the place at 7pm and we were here again around 10pm. This time, we went into China House via Victoria Street's entrance. Kien already started singing his own song with his own guitar. I had myself a Tiger beer and V ordered cider, enjoy the blues and sometimes busy taking pictures of the great singer in the house.

There are so many talented people in Malaysia. Penang have given a room, created an environment for the locals to pursue their dream.

Like my friend said, Penang gives you surprise in every little things in life. Truly amazing. 

China House
Address:153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang.
The other entrance: 183B, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04-2637299
Business hours: 10.00am – 12am (daily)
GPS Location: N 5 24.902     E 100 20.339


  1. Love the place. You guys should try to play tourists once in a while and then only you can appreciate places like this. Great entry & pics, mr blogger!

  2. :) Thank you, you are definitely right~

  3. :) Thank you, you are definitely right~

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