Thursday, September 22, 2011

Siem Reap - The Angkor Wat

Went to Siem Reap in July for 4 days 3 nights. Siem Reap is almost everything about Angkor Wat or to be correct, Angkor Thom. Means the city of Angkor.

This is a place I have been wanting to visit as it is a famous UNESCO protected destination and have been listed for World's 7 Wonders which located in South East Asia, although it fails in the selection, its charm still make me could not resists to come and see it with my own eyes.

Angkor is a place that I could not explain more with words, you have to come to see and feel it yourself. Here's some photos~



The history and beauty of Angkor did not overwhelm me more than the Siem Reap livings did. I saw poverty, I saw hope, I saw the toughness and sadness in every Siem Reap people. They are striving for living, and hope for a better future, or, a better meal today.

It doesn't feel relax after came back from a holiday in Siem Reap. However, it makes people more initiative in trying the things you always wanna do. If they are striving for a better life, why shouldn't you?

Some info about Getting into and around Siem Reap:
Temple pass: You must have it in order to visit all the temples. Carry it with you all the times.
1 day pass - USD20
3 day pass - USD40
Tips: If you are getting the 3 days pass, people usually buy the ticket on the first day evening and you will get 3 days pass starting from next day + 1 free evening (where you can go to Phnom Bakheng or any temple for sunset.)

Accomodation in Siem Reap:
Motherhome Guesthouse (They have new branch now with swimming pool)
Distance to pubstreet: 20 mins for slow walk. USD1 with tuk tuk, 3-5mins.
The place is clean and affordable at USD18/night for double room (Free 60mins Khmer massage during low season)
Free wifi and computer for use at lobby for guest. Free 24 hours self-service tea, coffee and drinking water from dispenser. You can find printer at a internet shop on the main street if you need one, 3 mins walk from guesthouse. My review in -> TripAdvisor.

Tuk-tuk charges/fares: USD13-USD15 per day depending on the itinerary. You can ask for quotation from guesthouse.

Tonle Sap Entrance Ticket (with boat riding): USD15 (tuk-tuk fares +USD7 if go to Tonle Sap, distance about 20-30mins one-way with tuk-tuk)

The local food in Siem Reap taste really good. The in-house restaurant for Motherhome is relatively delicious. However, their western food are not worth for a try. We should be eating Khmer food anyway. :)
I was attracted to their freshwater fish. I can still remember their texture and freshness now.  

Lastly, do not give money to those kids that ask from you. Prepare some sweets for them instead. My friend once told me, his tuk-tuk tell him not to give money to kids so that they will grow up as a hardworking person that work for their life.
That's all from me, have a safe trip to Siem Reap.