Thursday, February 26, 2015

Best Mobile Prepaid Internet for Tourist to Malaysia 2015

Having trouble identify which mobile operator to use when you travel to Malaysia?

Here are the 4 recommended companies - Hotlink, Digi, XPAX & TuneTalk.
If you saw my post regarding the best prepaid internet in Malaysia (for locals), you will noticed what I recommended here has a big difference. Reason are the operators listed here are the most common one that you can find it anywhere - airport, bus station, major train station,  mini market, 7-eleven, shopping mall, hypermarket and etc. , giving a peace of mind to tourist. Just look out for the colour and sign for the operators.

For those who stay in Malaysia for less than 10 days, Hotlink and Digi will be better choices. Hotlink network is excellent in almost anywhere while Digi might not perform so well in rural area.

And for those stay more than 10 days, TuneTalk is more worthwhile as it has a cheaper rate and longer validity date.

You must take note on the data usage after finishing the quota. At the point of my writing, Hotlink and Digi provide unlimited data usage after your daily or weekly quota finished. Unlimited here means you will NOT get extra charges after your quota finished. Hotlink cut down the browsing speed which you barely can surf anything while Digi allowed you to surf at 3G speed using Opera Mini after data exhausted. However,  XPAX and TuneTalk will charge with Pay-As-You-Surf rate, which is very very high.

Remember the daily or weekly pass will always terminate/renew at 12am (on last day for weekly pass). So be cautious if you use it after 12am if it is not renewed.

I never find those Traveller Sim Package worth the price unless you just want to have peace of mind, put in the SIM card then start surfing, without worrying price or anything.

Just 3 Simple Steps to use a normal SIM card:
1. Buy a SIM card starter pack
2. Buy the reload voucher from the same shop and reload with the amount you going to use. (If you worry about extra charges by mistake, reload with small amount first (Reload voucher comes in RM3~RM30)
3. Subscribe to the internet pass by key in the code.

Some sample below:

Subscribe Hotlink Internet Pass:
then follow the on screen instruction... 

Subscribe Digi Internet Pass :

Click HERE for more internet passes codes for Digi

Recognized their Logos~

Best Mobile Prepaid Internet 2015, Malaysia

I have been looking for a prepaid internet solution for myself. I have to say there is no best plan for everyone, it all depends on your need.

Here, the summary I compiled based on few criteria:

1. Validity of the line should be maintained with less than RM1 per day.
2. Internet availability for a month with less than RM28
3. Reasonable amount of data quota for light messaging with WhatsApp/ WeChat/ Line, basic surfing on browser and Facebook. Video Streaming (eg. YouTube) and Pinterest (or other application with high usage of data) is NOT allowed. So the data quota I estimated here is not less than 400MB per month.
4. Call & SMS rate is not a concern, because I have another line for calling. But how many people still call and SMS somebody nowadays?

You must be wondering, who the hell are these operators? They are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), meaning they do not have their own physical communication tower but they are renting and riding on our main operator's network like Celcom, Maxis and Digi.

TuneTalk and FRiENDi came out as top of my choice. I am more to FRiENDi except I have lower confidence on U Mobile network. Both of them have the cheapest plan but I need to pay TuneTalk RM100 for a validity that is less than RM1 per day and at the same time their internet plan only costs me RM8 per month, so how do I spend the extra balance?

FRiENDi on the other hand, provide 30 days validity with minimum reload of RM3 and I can spend them fully on the data subscription.

Another operator worth mentioning is RedOne. It shouldn't be in this topic because it is actually a postpaid plan. However, it is so cheap that it could par with the prepaid plan, especially attractive on the free calls within RedOne.

There are limited telecommunication shop that sells the starter pack of the MVNOs here except for TuneTalk and UMobile which has became quite common nowadays. Dealers can be found from their respective websites. However, reload is conveniently provided at merchants below.

Remember these Logos people~ Welcome the NEW MVNOs to the market!!!