Monday, November 10, 2014

Malindo Air - Flight from Penang to Melaka

Good news! Finally, there's an airline willing to fly between Melaka Airport and Penang again.

Malindo Air has started the flight schedule between Penang and Melaka since 5th November 2014. It is available for booking from Malindo Air website now! The flight are schedule to fly on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday currently.

Departure time:
Penang -> Melaka  : 10:10 AM
Melaka -> Penang  : 03:15 PM

The price ranging from RM59-RM99 for less popular weekdays, and RM99-RM149 on weekends and Fridays.

Here are some snapshot of price obtained from the website:

For more information, please go to Malindo Air website:

There are news that mentioned another airline - Rayani Air will be flying the same route from January 2015 onward.  Let's stay tuned...

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Bangkok Free Tourist SIM Card with 3G Internet

Just came back from Bangkok, and wanted to share something about the local SIM card here. I have done homework and expect to see several mobile network center that I can choose from at the airport. Unfortunately, AirAsia arrived at Don Muang airport and I believe those who mentioned DTAC, True Move, AIS center are all from Suvarnabhumi Airport. I don't see any of it at the arrival hall of Don Muang airport.

Some of the blogger mentioned free SIM card can be obtained from Tourist Information counter. I gave it a try and I got a free DTAC Happy Tourist SIM card right away!
It has 15 baht credit in it. The service crew told me that this SIM card has no problem using 3G internet and I can top up at any 7-11.

There are two convenient shops there with staff holding "SIM Card for Sale" sign.
I walked towards them and expect to ask them how can I purchase an daily unlimited internet package. All they tell me is they sell 299baht 7-days unlimited internet and my free SIM card cannot use internet.. bla bla bla... I have a feeling they just say that so that I will buy from them, so I decided to walk away.

Later on, I figure out how to use my FREE SIM Card:
1. The SIM card given come in normal SIM with detachable microSim. Just put it in the phone. Activation and setup is not needed. Some phone might need to manually search for mobile network. Android: Setting -> Mobile Netowrk -> Network Operator ->  Search network.
The internet usage is free on the day of activation until 12 midnight.

2. Top up at 7-eleven with the amount you going to use. I topped up with 200baht
I wanted to use internet for 4 days with 49baht per day unlimited (150MB quota perday, cannot finish also)
3. Subscribe daily unlimited 49baht/day by Dial *104*29*9#

4. You will receive an successful SMS. The daily unlimited internet is always valid until 23:59 midnight only. So remember to turn your mobile data off if you go to sleep before 12.

4. You will need to Dial the number again everyday to subscribe, it will not auto renew for you. 

Note: The speed is good all the way from Bangkok to Hua Hin. I have no problem using Waze and Google Map along the way.

The package I used:

And later on, I found out more valuable and budget packages:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spade's Burger at i-avenue, Penang

We went to Spade's Burger at i-Avenue during lunch hour to try out this newly opened burger shop. It was not crowded but it took roughly 15 minutes to reach our serving.

Looking up on the menu, the price ranging around RM10-20. To make it a set, add RM5 to have french fries and bottomless drink. I was trying to keep fit and do not want any fries, but I was told I need to pay RM4 to buy the drink... Oklah, make it a set then (weird...I cannot have anything that is not bottomless?).

The special about the menu is that, they serve non-meat burger! I think this is a great news for vegetarian, although I am not sure whether their non-meat burger have any garlic or not for pure vegan. I haven't get the chance to eat their portobello mushroom burger, but with portobello plus the picture from other blogger, I think this non-meat burger looks really promising~

Come back to what I have ordered - Jack's Chick (C1), the basic chicken burger with cheese and special sauce. The sauce is indeed special, with a flavoury and sourly taste,  not typical thousand island, mayonnaise nor teriyaki taste.

The chicken meat is well done and tender. However, still lose to my beloved New York Pizza's burger at Sungai Dua, this burger is lack of juiciness and fattiness~ LOL~ The meat is more lean and less fat and might be preferable by health conscious people though.

The french fries portion is generous and the drinks come with a choice of various machine pressed soft-drink and Heaven & Earth Lemon Tea. The price is a bit high although bottomless drink is a plus. Overall, still a good experience and if I do come back, I will try their mushroom burger.

Self-order Counter
More Menu Here: (Click to Enlarge)

Spade's Burger
Address: 1-1-22, Ideal Avenue, Medan Kampung Relau
Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
N 5 19.959 E 100 17.582
(Same row with PC Depot & 100 Yen Shop)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Popular Book Fair 2014 - BookFest Malaysia, KLCC

Time flies this year... it's coming to July already and I almost forget about the annual BookFest that going to come real soon~

BookFest @ Malaysia 2014 will officially launch on 26 July 2014. The exhibition will open from 10 am to 10 pm daily starting from 26 July till 3 August 2014.

How much is the entrance fee?
Admission is RM 2.50 per ticket. FREE admission is given to students 18 years & below and senior citizens 60 years & above.

Where is the venue?
Hall 1 - 5 (Ground Floor) and Grand Ballroom & Banquet Hall, Level 3.
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC, Malaysia.

Below are the direction suggested by BookFest.
Take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), Putra Line to KLCC station. Turn left after exiting the turnstiles and walk through the Suria KLCC shopping centre Concourse Level to the Centre Court. Turn left and make your way past Cold Storage to the Guardian Pharmacy where there is a walkway through to the Convention Centre. Take the elevator to the Ground Floor where you will be directed to the Registration area.

If you are in a taxi or a chauffeured car, approach the Centre along Jalan Pinang and turn left into the main entrance (second turn after the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) for dropping off.

Parking Options: 
1. Take the first left after the Mandarin Oriental Hotel from Jalan Pinang up the ramp to the access to the car parking below the Centre.
2. Park in KLCC Suria Car Park and exit to the Concourse level Centre Court. Make your way past Cold Storage to the Guardian Pharmacy where there is a walkway through to the Convention Centre. Take the elevator to the Ground Floor where you will be directed to the Registration area.

*Personal Opinion: if you visit during weekend, nearby buildings around KLCC offer much cheaper rate but you have to take a walk and avoid night time. Not recommended for family with kids. 

From Suria KLCC shopping center Ground Floor center court the the park exit into the KLCC park and turn right. Follow the Esplanade along towards the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and then follow the path around the edge of the park towards the center of the building and enter via the Park Entrance

Source from:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Penang Georgetown Festival 2014 Events

Starting a bit later this year, the most awaiting month to travel to Penang falls on August 2014.
From 1st Aug until 31st Aug, Georgetown will be filled with music, dance, arts, theater and many more. A beautiful face of Georgetown that you certainly will fell in love to.

There will be a series of art exhibitions from local and oversea artist, street and theater performance that you never know we get to see it in Malaysia. Below are some short preview of the events, please visit their official website to find out more, and start plan your trip now!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Occupy Beach Street, Penang Sunday Market

Many have know about our Car-Free-Day every Sunday on Beach Street.
However, do you know that the Occupy Beach Street initiatives have turned the area into a beautiful Sunday Market! A mixture of cultural activity,  live music performance, physical activities like cycling and jogging, finger food stall, art & craft stall... this place has transformed into a eco-community area for both penangites and tourists!

Let's keep the place clean while we having fun~

Location: Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Gereja & Gat Lebuh Gereja
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 7:00AM – 1:00PM


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Penang Green Activity 2014 - Barter Your Ex 3.0

In conjunction with Penang International Green Carnival 2014 and Earth Day celebration which lies on 22 April, Penang Green Council is organizing the upcoming event - Earth Day Barter Trade, co-organized by Occupy Beach Street (OBS).

It serves as a good platform for the participants to exchange the second-hand items such as household utensils, toys, books, kitchen utensils, decorative items and etc. As long as the items are in fairly good condition, they can be traded. This activity does not involve cash transactions.

The main aim is for participants (registered) to bring in their used item and exchange it with others regardless of its value. We hope that with this program, the items can be reused or be treasured and the public can be aware about the Zero Waste practices.

I hope you all can join the fun!

Date: 20th April 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00 am – 12.00 pm
Venue: Beach Street, Penan


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Travel From Germany to Prague

I have been really occupied and tired all these days. I have no idea what exactly I'm busy with, probably because I have switched to a new living place which take me longer time to go on and off work. My travel time have never stop though, just got really no time to blog about them.

Been arranged to work in Germany for a week. Decided to extend few days and travel to Prague (Praha), a beautiful city that I thought I should go if I only have one chance to go Europe. Have been searching the cheapest and fastest way to get to Prague from Germany, I was staying in Kassel for work and there was where I departed, at last my decided route: Kassel - Nürnberg - Praha - Nürnberg - Frankfurt

From Kassel to Prague: 39 Euro
From Prague to Frankfurt: 44 Euro 
If you are not traveling across many region, it's not worth to buy the Euro Pass, DB Pass or whatsoever pass. It does provide you the flexibility and you need not worry about missing the train/bus, but the price is much much much higher.

Choose to blog about this because I feel this was the most challenging part in that trip, and I thought that might help some people too.
The reason I choose Nürnberg route over Dresden:
1. There's no direct train from Kassel to Dresden. Need to travel to Frankfurt although I have a free train ticket to Frankfurt.
2. Total journey is shorter.
3. Less stops.

When my colleague in Germany saw the ticket, they were surprise the mode of transport from Nurnberg to Praha is Bus, a real bus. Looks like they have so used to the train usage.

Do not confuse with the different train station name for Nürnberg Hbf and Nürnberg Hbf Vorpl H, the train station and bus station. They are at the same premises for my case.

The confused signboard

I followed the Bus sign, it lead me to upstairs, off the track. it was correct until it lead me across the street and it was for all the public Bus, not the IC Bus to Praha. All you need to know is you need to go up to the main entrance. The IC Bus Stop is just right at the DB bahn station entrance. DO NOT CROSS THE STREET. There are 2 main entrance and it is at the entrance on the left hand side of the building.

Nürnberg DB Deutsche Bahn Station Entrance

If you cannot find it, you can definitely ask the Tourist Information counter. They totally understand you.

IC Bus Stop

This is how the bus stop looks like. Look for the Bus Stop sign - IC Bus. There's a bus schedule notice that you can confirm you are at the correct bus stop.

The schedule

10 minutes is sufficient for walking from the train track to the bus stop, provided that you did not get lost too badly (like me walking across to the main street). I allocated much longer transfer time for going Prague and 10 minutes transfer time when coming back.

The bus is here

There is a huge luggage compartment underneath the bus, we can't and we don't need to bring large piece of luggage to your seat. If you have short transfer time, my advice is to let others put in their luggage first so you don't need to wait too long when unload.

The bus is comfortable, with toilet, although not super clean. It takes quite some time to upload luggage but it arrive sharply or even earlier at the arrival time both to and fro. Obviously they have allocated the time in their schedule.

Get to see some nice view at different perspective from the bus. I hope you enjoy the route too if you are taking the same.