Monday, December 31, 2012

LoveLocks, superb ice-cream between Chulia Street & Love Lane Penang

** 19/05/2013 Unfortunately, LoveLocks had closed down.

Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!

Today I woke up with a passion to write a post, despite I've tons of things to do. One of my resolution 2013, I can't abandon my blog!

Visited to LoveLocks at Georgetown on last Saturday after I went to Lam Wah Ee for acupuncture (actually not suppose to eat cold after that.. :p)

Lock Locks or LoveLocks is owned by my friend, Keith's younger brother and his partner. Wanted to check it out for quite some time after I listen to their business operation story.

The story that I heard is about Keith's brother had a very tasty and unforgettable ice-cream somewhere in Thailand. And in year 2012, he finally decided to produce the ice-cream himself. He learn the recipe and made it right at the upstairs of Love Locks!

I love to see people running business with passion. The reason I keep exploring.

The only flavour in-the-house is coconut, the taste truly surprise me. It had a just nice portion of coconut taste while it's still very refreshing and totally not greasy at all!
RM6 for 4 scope ice-cream & 3 toppings
They have various types of topping to choose from. It complete the ice-cream although I love it more to just had it on its own.

 They also provide free drinking water to clear your throat.

The interior
The concept of LoveLock is written on the frame on the wall.

Love Locks or "Love padlocks (also known as love locks and, in Taiwan, wish locks) are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate, bridge or similar public fixture by sweethearts at an increasing number of locations in the world to symbolize their everlasting love.- Wikipedia"

There are still a lot of things can be done in the shop. Maybe some snack or drinks, to make customer stay longer in the shop and maintain the crowd. The rental of that area is on a very high side,  it really worries me seeing they utilized the shop by just selling ice-cream. I do hope LoveLocks survive and a lot more people can discover this very nice self-made ice-cream shop. 

LockLocks Contact Info:
Location: The shop is located right beside the 7-eleven on Lebuh Chulia across the small lane (Love Lane)
Address: No.318, Chulia Street, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Satisfying RM6 - 4 scope with 3 toppings
Flavorful RM7 - 5 scope with 4 toppings
Frenzy RM8 - 6 scope with 5 toppings (with Free Padlocks!)