Monday, December 31, 2012

LoveLocks, superb ice-cream between Chulia Street & Love Lane Penang

** 19/05/2013 Unfortunately, LoveLocks had closed down.

Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!

Today I woke up with a passion to write a post, despite I've tons of things to do. One of my resolution 2013, I can't abandon my blog!

Visited to LoveLocks at Georgetown on last Saturday after I went to Lam Wah Ee for acupuncture (actually not suppose to eat cold after that.. :p)

Lock Locks or LoveLocks is owned by my friend, Keith's younger brother and his partner. Wanted to check it out for quite some time after I listen to their business operation story.

The story that I heard is about Keith's brother had a very tasty and unforgettable ice-cream somewhere in Thailand. And in year 2012, he finally decided to produce the ice-cream himself. He learn the recipe and made it right at the upstairs of Love Locks!

I love to see people running business with passion. The reason I keep exploring.

The only flavour in-the-house is coconut, the taste truly surprise me. It had a just nice portion of coconut taste while it's still very refreshing and totally not greasy at all!
RM6 for 4 scope ice-cream & 3 toppings
They have various types of topping to choose from. It complete the ice-cream although I love it more to just had it on its own.

 They also provide free drinking water to clear your throat.

The interior
The concept of LoveLock is written on the frame on the wall.

Love Locks or "Love padlocks (also known as love locks and, in Taiwan, wish locks) are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate, bridge or similar public fixture by sweethearts at an increasing number of locations in the world to symbolize their everlasting love.- Wikipedia"

There are still a lot of things can be done in the shop. Maybe some snack or drinks, to make customer stay longer in the shop and maintain the crowd. The rental of that area is on a very high side,  it really worries me seeing they utilized the shop by just selling ice-cream. I do hope LoveLocks survive and a lot more people can discover this very nice self-made ice-cream shop. 

LockLocks Contact Info:
Location: The shop is located right beside the 7-eleven on Lebuh Chulia across the small lane (Love Lane)
Address: No.318, Chulia Street, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Satisfying RM6 - 4 scope with 3 toppings
Flavorful RM7 - 5 scope with 4 toppings
Frenzy RM8 - 6 scope with 5 toppings (with Free Padlocks!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Melaka Air - Melaka to Penang Flight has been stopped/discontinued

NEW Airline From Penang to Melaka -> Check out HERE!

Just got the news that Melaka Air has put the Melaka to Penang route on hold due to the conflict of agreement with FireFly. I bet it is quite a sad news for all of us. I can see lots of negative and unsatisfactory comment regarding this issue on Melaka Air Facebook. We do hope they could resolved the issue sooner than we can realized.

Melaka Air set their target to fly with their own plane and expect to resume the service route in 3 months. I wish them luck and hope I will be seeing Melaka Air plane landed at Penang International Airport real soon.

Some news reference:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Penang Oktoberfest 2012 Ticket, Food & Beverage And Event Schedule

The annual Oktoberfest Penang is back! Get your entrance ticket NOW as you can get a discounted price before 26th October 2012 :

Date and Time: Friday, 26 October 2012 and Saturday, 27 October 2012 - from 7pm onwards
Venue: Malaysian-German Society, 250 B, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang
Admission: by purchase of Oktoberfest Souvenir Program (OSP)
During pre-sales, OSPs are available at the MGS, at Alliance Française Penang and IWA Penang.

OSP prices
pre-sales at the door
MGS members RM 10 RM 30
non-members RM 25 RM 30

Picture From
Some details as below:

Event Schedule

Location Map

Food And Beverage Price

Still have questions regarding the Oktoberfest? Please contact MGS office:
Tel: 04 - 229 6853

Logon to Malaysian-German Society website for more information.

What is Oktoberfest??
Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world's largest fair, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year.To the locals, it is not called Oktoberfest, but "die Wiesn" - after the colloquial name of the fairgrounds themselves. The Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture, having been held since 1810. Other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the original Munich event.  - Source from Wikipedia

Basically...... it is Beer, Dance, Fun & Parties!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Getaway Fraser's Hill aka Bukit Fraser, Pahang

Sorry for the busi-ness that abandoned my blog for awhile... Here I'm back. :)

We were there on one of the Friday in July, taking advantage of Penang Holiday, we drive all the way to Fraser's Hill, my favourite highland in Peninsular Malaysia.

Exit at Tanjung Malim from North-South Highway, and drive towards Kuala Kubu Bharu, we passed by the beautiful Sungai Selangor Dam, one of the 'must' stop-over. We had our unfinished McD meal with the nice scenery without a single tourist around other than us. Only 2 security guard relaxing at their work place. How I wish I have their job...

This place is peaceful and comfortable... we enjoyed the slow and relax stop over admiring the lake reflecting the white clouds and green mountain.

A normal Friday on Fraser's Hill is just too good. Not sure about weekend, but definitely not as crowded as Cameron Highland and Genting Highland. The hill is beautifully surrounded by colonial buildings. Thanks to Louis James Fraser, a solitary Scottish pioneer who found this place. Hotels, restaurants and the famous clock tower left behind, remain its beauty and marked the history of colonialism in our country.

Fraser's Hill situated in between Selangor and Pahang state. Noticed the dotted border line? Remember to take a photo with your legs wide open across two states~ :D

There's a lake named Allan's water, used to be a reservoir but now it served as a recreation area for boat riding and kayaking. I remember I used to ride the paddle boat here when I was like... 8? :O I was overwhelming on how things and life have changed.

We couldn't get in after all as Allan's Water is closed at 4:30pm on weekdays. Kindly take note on that.

There are several hiking trails, golf course, paddock with archery games that I have not been to after more than 3 times up here... One day, one day I will walk into the paddock myself, if it still exists when the day comes.

I simply love the greenery on this hill, love to hear birds chirping on the trees, and around me.

Our dinner is to have our self-prepared tomyam steamboat. Although it's a bit tiring to do the preparation, I even bought my portable gas stove from Tesco the day before our trip. Insisted to do this because I knew it will definitely be one of the best memory of the trip. Tomyam steamboat in cold weather, who can resists it??
photo credited to V's -Life Simple Pleasures

Walking on the quiet colonial street after dinner, nothing much you can do during night time at Fraser's Hill, some said, what's the fun of it?

I said, that's the best part of them all.

photo credited to V's -Life Simple Pleasures

Direction: How to Go Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser)
Exit at Tanjung Malim from North-South Highway(from North), and drive towards Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Total took us 6 hours drive from Penang to Fraser's hill.
From exit to Fraser's Hill around 2 hours including leisure time at Sungai Selangor Dam.

GPS Location:   N 3 42.755  E 101 44.145

More information check-out: V's - Life's Simple Pleasures

Monday, August 27, 2012

Melaka Air - Melaka to Penang Price & Schedule

NEW Airline From Penang to Melaka -> Check out HERE!

Some update on the flight to and fro Melaka and Penang.

The price is cheaper if direct booking with Melaka Air than with using Firefly online booking. With the Balik Kampung promotion price, it is now RM159 one-way and RM278 for return flight (included tax, luggage 20kg & hand carry 7kg). Consider affordable compare with the scary price in Firefly website.

The schedule of the flight is now 3 times weekly which fall on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Check out the brochure below for more details.

Contact Melaka Air
Toll Free Tel: 1300-88-2118

Follow their Facebook page to find out more promotion from time to time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stalking the Wall Painting by Ernest Zacharevic, Penang

One day in March, we were cafe hunting in Georgetown, looking for a cafe named Fork Mee. Spinning up and down along Lebuh Carnavon, and we finally found it on the 4th round, which it is located at the "golden triangle" where Lebuh Carnavon, Pesara Claiment and Lebuh Acheh meet. The shop was almost close at around 10:30pm that time. I knocked on the door, a Caucasian lady welcomed us and said we could still have a drink if we wanted to.

The shop is run by a couple from Lithuania, which we found out that night, the man that we chit-chat to is the person who drew the old man wall painting on Armenian Street, the first painting that known by us, which he drew for the Georgetown Festival 2011.

This year, 2012 Georgetown Festival, several mural paintings have been popping out on Georgetown streets, naming Mirrors Georgetown. The young and shy artist that we met that night, Ernest Zacharevic, suddenly became a famous public figure. His photos and his drawings,  covered half of my facebook home page.

Being the main painting of Georgetown Festival 2012, the painting of a bicycle with 2 kids on Armenian Street gained lots of attention, lots of tourists, photographers and even penangites joined the fun to pose many funny and "ridiculous" pictures with the painting... :p

Today, I went to Georgetown again for a walk on the festival celebration area, passing by Ernest's mural paintings on Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Ah Quee, the streets are full of people queuing up waiting to take picture of their own with Ernest's painting.

I smiled, because I feel happy for him.

There are lots of great artists in Penang, and even more around the world. How many of them eventually make up onto a newspaper's front page? I'm glad that Ernest is the one who stand out among them, simply because he is the most humble artist I ever meet.

Wish Ernest, stay passion, stay humble, stay cute. :D

My photo collection of Ernest Zacharevic and his street arts:

Lebuh Armenian

Love Lane
Lebuh Muntri
Lebuh Ah Quee
Lebuh Armenian

Chew Jetty, Pengkalan Weld

Lebuh Cannon

Lebuh Penang

* Fork Mee is hardly open nowadays, mostly because they are busy with the festival, I believe.
Write up of Fork Mee by V's -> Life's Simple Pleasures

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Road to Mount Kota Kinabalu

Sabah is a truly amazing place, this is one of the best trip I ever had, lies in my own country.
The view from our hut at Laban Rata

We chosen the Mesilau Trail for way up and Timpohon for way down as advised by most the friends which said Mesilau has a nicer scenery than Timpohon, and you won't have the mood to enjoy the scenery during your way down.

We booked the package of 4 days 3 night through MyTravelkaki, with around RM800.
The package included:
1. Return Airport Transfer
2. 1 night stay in Mesilau Nature Resort (trail foot), 1 night stay in Laban Rata (Waras Hut) and 1 night stay in Marina Court (KK Town)
3. Meal:  Day 1 - Dinner; Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3 - Breakfast, Lunch; Day 4 - Eat yourself

The track started from Mesilau Natural Resort, we had our breakfast and took our packed lunch before set off. The packed lunch is sandwich, apple, bananas and water (most of the people choose to give them back the mineral water as you can refill the water along the way)

Please start off earlier if you are allowed to. We wait until 9am and the tour guide still haven't come. We called the guide and told him girls in our group will set off first as we are slower. The guide agreed and we started our journey.

We only meet the first km with one hour and the rest is getting longer and longer.  The first 3km is easier, this is where you should try to be as fast as you can. The track was in good condition, no fallen trees nor big gap require jumping or whatever dangerous movement. It is just all steps, and steps, and steps......

Our guide and porter, Jomius is a really nice guy. He doesn't chase us to be faster and walk with us with his big backpack that load with ours. His words, "Biar lambat, asal selamat...". (Let it be slow rather than sorry.) He is 49 and yet with a stamina that none of us can beat.

I'm the slowest, always. I knew. Just wasn't prepared that it was that bad. When we reach 6km, the junction that join Mesilau and Timpohon, it was around 6pm. The sky is getting dark.

The last 2 km took us more than 3 hours walking in the darkness. The experience wasn't a good one at that time, but a good and memorable one at the time I'm typing now. It really wasn't easy to walk in a complete darkness. It was cold, exhausted, and desperate. My ankle was extremely pain, I stopped every half an hour to apply heat rub.

We took 12 hours + to reach Laban Rata at 8km, at 9:20pm.

After clean up and all, we sleep around 11pm. I'm not able to get up at 2am in the morning and ended up wake up at 6am where outside the room is already full of sunshine. My body recovered and I can actually do the summit push with the energy I had that time. However, we are not allow to do summit push without a guide.

We descend down at 10am, and reach Timpohon at 4pm. You should prepare food for descend as don't have any pre-packed lunch for you this time. We were sent back to Kinabalu Park for lunch. DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE BACK YOUR LUGGAGE AT HERE! Which is happenned to us and we spent RM80 to make someone go to the park and deliver our luggage the next morning to KK Town.
*p/s: Kinabalu Park is in 1 and half hour distance to KK Town.

Taking picture with our tour guide and ready to set off without our luggage... T_T

Looking at the picture now, I still feel regretful that I did not got up for the summit push. However, I feel like going again, although I said it gonna be the last and only trip I hike for Mount KK. I totally feel the charm that makes people keep going back.  The old forest which has been here for how many thousands years, the strong wind that blows everytime we climbed over the hill tops one after another, the whispering from insects and small animals... This is the picture that can only capture by our brain, not camera.

What shoes to wear? Click Here.

What to bring in your backpack?

1. Energy bar, fruits (Chocolate, cereal, biscuit and etc, energy level can be seen behind the packaging)
2. Heat Rub, Altitude Sickness medicine  (I couldn't find it anywhere in Penang, so my friend bought me from KL, named PRIMPERAN which I think it is not exactly for altitude sickness either, the pharmacist said it is for nauseous and dizziness, sounds like motion sickness to me. I didn't eat it at the end, not sure if it's working.)
3. Rain coat, cap, glove, sweater/windbreaker
4. Compact camera (comes in handy really)
5. DSLR (I brought it in my backpack and ended up bring it out not more than 5 times along the track, unless you have a DSLR pouch or you could just hang it on your neck for 8 hours, else, it's really a burden for you. But it does make a sacrifice if give it up.)
6. Head Light (If you know you going to be slow)

*The rest of the stuff you can give it to porter at RM10 per kg to and fro. You won't find this expensive after your hike.

Tips & Tricks:
1. Start off as early as possible, 7:30am if possible.
2. You should time your speed and try to meet 1km in an hour.
3. Go as fast as you can for the first 3km. The longer time you are walking, it makes more pressure on your leg and hurts the knees and ankles.
4. Grab some food or energy bar every hour. You won't aware you are hungry when you are moving. Rest not more than 10 mins every time you stop.
5. When you stop for rest, wear your jacket to keep your body warm.
6. Food like banana and apple is good for energy and hydration.
7. Exercise during weekend only is not enough for poor stamina people like me. Suggested exercises: 1 hike every weekend. 2 cardio exercises every week (swimming, jogging, yoga...), stairs climbing everyday
8. Make sure your sweater, glove and cap is dry or keep a spare for summit push. If you wet it on your way to Laban Rata, it not going to dry on next day.
9. There's no drinking water tap for every KM on Mesilau Trail like some said. It does have water tap in toilet if you feel like drinking from it.
10. The websites that provide very informative stuff and almost everything you wanted & needed to know:
The drinking water

I will come back for you, again...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Popular Book Fair 2012 - BookFest Malaysia, KLCC

The Annual Popular Book Fair is back! After a long waited year, finally it is coming~

I have been visiting the BookFest annually since 3 or 4 years back, never missed it! Driving all the way down from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to the biggest book fair of the year!

We always said the book price in Malaysia is averagely high. Now, you get to find the books you always wanted in a much cheaper rate. I usually bought my supply of a year in BookFest (and other smaller book fair too), that's how we enjoy reading in a more budget way. Let's join the reading culture wherever you are! Plan your holiday now~

Time and Location details, please find below.

BookFest @ Malaysia will be officially launched on 17 August 2012. Therefore, the exhibition will be opened from 10am-10pm from 18 - 26 August 2012, throughout the 9 days to the public.

Where is the venue?
Hall 1 - 5 (ground floor) and Grand Ballroom 1 & 2, Level 3.
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC, Malaysia.

More info, visit BookFest Malaysia website here.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mount Kota Kinabalu - What Shoes to Wear?

The first thing that troubled me before even train for the climb was, what shoes should I wear?

I brought myself 3 pair of shoes to Sabah.
1. My comfortable New Balance Trekking Shoe
2. The Famous Kampung Addidas
3. Strap Sandal

At the end, only 2 of them are with me along the hike, the trekking shoes and Kampung Addidas, as I felt I've bringing too much stuff.

Want to know more about my Hiking at Mount Kota Kinabalu? Click HERE.

Hiking Up
I wear my trekking shoe on the first day of hike. The track is kinda muddy and wet most of the time for the first 4km. It make me a little worry of getting it wet. The last thing you want is to wear a wet shoe and socks under the cold weather like that. Other than that, the shoe did a really good job, comfortable, enough grip for hike up, it bring me all the way up to Laban Rata.

Summit Push
*Unfortunately, I didn't do the summit push on next day, however, I planned to wear the Kampung Addidas for summit push in fact. I bet it's good enough for that.

Hiking Down
On hiking down, I wore the Kampung Addidas as it is purposely bought for the Mount KK hike. The grip is definitely perfect! It works like charm even we are in a little running step, it doesn't give us a single slip at all. We wear it all the way down from Laban Rata to Timpohon Gate. My toes do hurt, but it's bearable. So do wear a thicker socks, but not too thick until stuffy.

Next time, I might try wearing my Strap Sandals for way down, probably. :)

Where to get Kampung Addidas in Bukit Mertajam or Penang?
There are several old shoes shop at Jalan Datuk Ooh Chooi Chong (Just go straight after passing hospital, those old shop lots on left before reaching the T-junction), at the old town of Bukit Mertajam that sell Kampung Addidas. Just tell them you want to buy rubber shoes (塑胶鞋), they will know what you want. I get mine at RM6 per pair.
For Penang, I heard that old shoes shop at Chowrasta sell it too, and also hardware shop.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lin's Cottage, Homestay in Melaka 马六甲民宿

朋友艾德琳最近在马六甲市区开了一家民宿 - 琳家民宿
My friend, Adeline has recently started operate her homestay in Malacca downtown - Lin's Cottage.

I hardly find a person who have a same interest with me in my friend circles. Adeline was one of the odd that I accidentally found out from Facebook.

民宿布置得非常漂亮别致。 正如我所相信的, 艾德琳的品味, 一定会设计出有性格的民宿。
每一个角落, 每一个小摆设, 或每一样用品, 我都看到了她在选购时的用心。
Lin's Cottage is tastefully renovated and decorated. As I always believed, Adeline who has the talent will surely come out with a one of a kind homestay. Every corner of the house, every furnishing, or every appliances, I see the diligent she had when choosing them.

Homestay, are meant for people who run the business with their heart.

期待很快可以亲身探班去! 加油!加油!
Hope to visit the place very soon~

*photos taken from Lin's Cottage Facebook~

羡慕啊... 羡慕艾德琳开始实践梦想了。 :)
我啊,还在原地打转, 才华少了点,资金少了点,人脉少了点... 可是我还是会努力冲啊...冲啊!!!

在这里祝福艾德琳,“生意兴隆” ! 哈哈!

Lin's Cottage
Contact Number: 012-956 6100
Address: 75 H Jalan Ong Keng Hoon, 75200 Malaka, Malaysia
GPS Coordinate: N 2 12.258  E 102 14.650

(Promo Period from 24th May - 18th August 2012 - Flat Rate, weekday & weekend)
Double Room - RM50
Triple Room - RM75
4-Beds Room - RM 100
VIP Twin - RM60

OR Whole House which accommodates 11 Persons = RM285
* Extra Mattress charging at RM10 per mattress

^^ Single Traveler Friendly

Monday, May 7, 2012

台客茶馆 Taitea Cafe at Bukit Mertajam

** 19/05/2013 Unfortunately, Taitea Cafe had closed down.

Taitea Cafe is a newly open cafe located in Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam, opposite Station One Cafe. We first visited it middle of last month and we were there 3 times within 2 weeks, so you know how attractive it is to us.

The side view of the shop looks like a cheap bar with a outdated name, which makes us kinda late to check out the shop.

When we drive passed the main entrance, Taitea impressed us, with its most special part which differentiate it from other cafes - the big, green compound in front of the shop. Admire the courage that they sacrifice a big build up area and give it a try on Malaysian who always can't stay out of air-con. God knows, it works like a charm! Who say Malaysian don't like open air?

Despite on the outlook, Taitea do provides plenty of tea selection and I must say they taste really good. It had been added to my list for top 2 bubble tea in Bukit Mertajam together with BubbleGurt at Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang.

The price is reasonable which may be why the shop are pack with full of youngster. There are families too although in a smaller group. Another good thing which is a nice trend nowadays, we are able to customized the percentage of sugar and ice. I have tried one of the drink which they have the so called "Best Taste" (黄金比例) adjusted by them. However, personally think it is still too sweet.

Taro Milk Tea RM4.90
Mango Yakult Drink RM4.90
盐酥鸡 Signature Fried Chicken tastefully with Basil RM5.90

中文版台客茶馆小笔 V's - Life's Simple Pleasures

Taitea Cafe
Address: 30c, Jalan Kulim,Taman Jaya, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Tel: +604-5388998
GPS Location: N 5 21.158    E 100 28.343