Monday, November 10, 2014

Malindo Air - Flight from Penang to Melaka

Good news! Finally, there's an airline willing to fly between Melaka Airport and Penang again.

Malindo Air has started the flight schedule between Penang and Melaka since 5th November 2014. It is available for booking from Malindo Air website now! The flight are schedule to fly on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday currently.

Departure time:
Penang -> Melaka  : 10:10 AM
Melaka -> Penang  : 03:15 PM

The price ranging from RM59-RM99 for less popular weekdays, and RM99-RM149 on weekends and Fridays.

Here are some snapshot of price obtained from the website:

For more information, please go to Malindo Air website:

There are news that mentioned another airline - Rayani Air will be flying the same route from January 2015 onward.  Let's stay tuned...

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Bangkok Free Tourist SIM Card with 3G Internet

Just came back from Bangkok, and wanted to share something about the local SIM card here. I have done homework and expect to see several mobile network center that I can choose from at the airport. Unfortunately, AirAsia arrived at Don Muang airport and I believe those who mentioned DTAC, True Move, AIS center are all from Suvarnabhumi Airport. I don't see any of it at the arrival hall of Don Muang airport.

Some of the blogger mentioned free SIM card can be obtained from Tourist Information counter. I gave it a try and I got a free DTAC Happy Tourist SIM card right away!
It has 15 baht credit in it. The service crew told me that this SIM card has no problem using 3G internet and I can top up at any 7-11.

There are two convenient shops there with staff holding "SIM Card for Sale" sign.
I walked towards them and expect to ask them how can I purchase an daily unlimited internet package. All they tell me is they sell 299baht 7-days unlimited internet and my free SIM card cannot use internet.. bla bla bla... I have a feeling they just say that so that I will buy from them, so I decided to walk away.

Later on, I figure out how to use my FREE SIM Card:
1. The SIM card given come in normal SIM with detachable microSim. Just put it in the phone. Activation and setup is not needed. Some phone might need to manually search for mobile network. Android: Setting -> Mobile Netowrk -> Network Operator ->  Search network.
The internet usage is free on the day of activation until 12 midnight.

2. Top up at 7-eleven with the amount you going to use. I topped up with 200baht
I wanted to use internet for 4 days with 49baht per day unlimited (150MB quota perday, cannot finish also)
3. Subscribe daily unlimited 49baht/day by Dial *104*29*9#

4. You will receive an successful SMS. The daily unlimited internet is always valid until 23:59 midnight only. So remember to turn your mobile data off if you go to sleep before 12.

4. You will need to Dial the number again everyday to subscribe, it will not auto renew for you. 

Note: The speed is good all the way from Bangkok to Hua Hin. I have no problem using Waze and Google Map along the way.

The package I used:

And later on, I found out more valuable and budget packages: