Transportation 槟城包車旅遊



所以在這裡,我提供个人服务,小團體的旅客为主,在我們的服務范围内, 带您到任何一个您想去的地方

有安全顾虑的女生旅者也不用担心, 我们可安排女生司机/导游为您服务。

Hi, I'm a young traveller who loves backpacking. I use my budget wisely so that I can travel to most places with least money. I believe most of the backpackers out there have the same thought as mine.

One day, I was sitting in front of my boring work desk. An idea of providing traveller a transportation services came up in my mind. I usually found we spent half of our planning time in transportation, reading through forums and websites try to get a best way to fit our itinerary. However, there are still some places that hard to get there with public transport and the local transporter are way too expensive.

So here, we providing a family service to small group of travellers that bring you to wherever you want to go within our coverage.

For female backpacker, need not worry for your safety as we provide female driver/tour guide for your service.

人數上限: 4 人 (以五人車接送)
出發日期: 只限周末 (星期六 & 星期日)
語言: 中文, 英文, 廣東

主要範圍: 槟城 (槟島及威省区)

費用 (槟岛): RM25/小時
費用 (槟岛以外): RM35/小時
最低时数: 4 小時
最长时数: 10 小時

只接送 槟島 -> 威省 或 威省 -> 威省
槟島: 槟城國際機場, 槟城 Sungai Nibong巴士總站(公車站) , 槟島渡轮碼頭
槟城內地/威省区: 槟城北海巴士總站 (公車站) , 北海渡轮碼頭

費用 (單程):
槟城 ->
RM60 - 诗布朗再也/大山腳
RM70 - 居林

時段: 7pm-12am (星期一至五), 6am - 12am (星期六&日)

* 别担心, 我们没有任何附加费, 价格实价. 
您可通过电子邮件发送您行程 -johandy27@yahoo.com我会尽快回复您有关服务时间及价钱.

* 以上价格包括: 租车,汽油,和司机
*不包括: 泊車費 (少於八小時的團),入門票,收費站,覽車,餐飲及個人開銷等等.

Local Tour
Maximum Pax: 4 pax (with 5 seater sedan)
Day Coverage: Only on weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
Main Area Coverage: Penang State (Island & Province Wellesley)
Language: English, Chinese, Cantonese

Rate (within Penang Island): RM25/hour
Rate (out of Penang Island): RM35/hour
Minimum Hours: 4 Hours per day
Maximum Hours: 10 Hours per day

Airport Transfer
Coverage From:
Only serve Penang -> Seberang Perai or Seberang Perai -> Seberang Perai
Island: Penang International Airport, Penang Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, Penang Ferry Terminal.
Mainland/ Province Wellesley: Butterworth Bus Terminal/Butterworth Chain Ferry Terminal, Butterworth Train Station, Bukit Mertajam Train Station.

Rate (one way):
Island ->
RM60 - Seberang Jaya, Bukit Mertajam
RM70 - Kulim

Available Time:
7pm-12am (Monday - Friday), 6am - 12am (Saturday - Sunday)

*Included: Car, Petrol & Driver
*Excluded: Parking Fee (for tour less than 8 hours), Entrance Fee, Toll Fee, Cable Car Fee, Meal & other personal requirements.

*Do not worry, we do not have any surcharge, prices are nett.

Do send me your itinerary through email - , I'll let you know my availability and quote you the price based on the rate above.

Welcome to Pulau Pinang, Malaysia!

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