Monday, April 20, 2015

Bicycle Route From Queensbay to The Light, Penang

The route started off at the overhead bridge opposite E-Gate. The entrance is at a branch off from the motorcycle lane.

The path is beautiful, quiet but still feel safe from The Light to the Golden Triangle/Putra Place. But I do not see any lamp post on the track so do not come late or during dark time.

The path is smooth for riding and running.

A branch out can be found at The Light car entrance and ones have to cross the road to branch in again to the bicycle path

You can ride straight until it branch to the left to the Marine Police Quarters and there is another small left turn to continue the path. From here to the Queensbay Malay stall, the path is uneven and difficult to ride. I usually choose to ride straight on the vehicle path.

Take the left turn to the Marine Police Quarters. Notice there is another left turn after this.

Vehicle path if you did not branch out left after Marine Police quarter

After the Jetty to Jerejak, right beside Putra Marine Resort there is a left turn to continue to Queensbay Mall. The path continue behind Baystar Condominium. From this part, there are lesser people and recommend better to come with group of people.

And then we reach Queensbay mall. The path end at the last roundabout at the end of the branch out to Coastal Road/FIZ. Total about 8km and took around 1 hour or less one way.

Overall is a pleasant experience and thanks to Penang government provide such a good place for exercise. Hopefully the route can be extended to Georgetown and Bayan Lepas soon and equip with solar lights. Go Penang!