Monday, May 7, 2012

台客茶馆 Taitea Cafe at Bukit Mertajam

** 19/05/2013 Unfortunately, Taitea Cafe had closed down.

Taitea Cafe is a newly open cafe located in Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam, opposite Station One Cafe. We first visited it middle of last month and we were there 3 times within 2 weeks, so you know how attractive it is to us.

The side view of the shop looks like a cheap bar with a outdated name, which makes us kinda late to check out the shop.

When we drive passed the main entrance, Taitea impressed us, with its most special part which differentiate it from other cafes - the big, green compound in front of the shop. Admire the courage that they sacrifice a big build up area and give it a try on Malaysian who always can't stay out of air-con. God knows, it works like a charm! Who say Malaysian don't like open air?

Despite on the outlook, Taitea do provides plenty of tea selection and I must say they taste really good. It had been added to my list for top 2 bubble tea in Bukit Mertajam together with BubbleGurt at Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang.

The price is reasonable which may be why the shop are pack with full of youngster. There are families too although in a smaller group. Another good thing which is a nice trend nowadays, we are able to customized the percentage of sugar and ice. I have tried one of the drink which they have the so called "Best Taste" (黄金比例) adjusted by them. However, personally think it is still too sweet.

Taro Milk Tea RM4.90
Mango Yakult Drink RM4.90
盐酥鸡 Signature Fried Chicken tastefully with Basil RM5.90

中文版台客茶馆小笔 V's - Life's Simple Pleasures

Taitea Cafe
Address: 30c, Jalan Kulim,Taman Jaya, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Tel: +604-5388998
GPS Location: N 5 21.158    E 100 28.343

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hiking Berapit Hill, Bukit Mertajam

We have been hiking every weekend since last 3 months to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Mount Kota Kinabalu challenge.

Hiking on the same mountain is pretty boring, going all the way to Penang Island for training every time is quite pointless too. Hence, we found out the Bukit Berapit at mainland in one of the blog and decided to check it out.

Berapit Hill (aka Bukit Berapit) is actually the same mountain with Cherok Tokun, our beloved Big Mountain Foot (大山脚), just another trail from different side of the mountain.

 Drive into the small road and you will see parking spaces.

The trail is built by cement all the way up to the top. Pay attention on the road as there are mossy on the ground which might be slippery. The road is not accessible by car but motorcycles of the estate worker and people from the temple might be passing by from time to time.

Walk for about 30 mins and there's a junction, left head towards a temple which has a shorter distance and right handside have a longer track towards Vivekavana Solitude Grove (静修园).

We took the longer path which brought us to a beautiful view overlooking Bukit Mertajam township. The track is much difficult compare to Tokun Hill as it is really steep all the way. Although the distance looks like shorter, but we ended up took around 2 to 3 hours to finish a return trip.

There are few rest areas with hut but pretty run down.

After 1 and half hour, we finally reach the end of the trail and the Vivekavana Solitude Grove entrance welcomed us.

The temple is a holy place where monk or people came here for their retreat. Please keep silent and respect while you are in there.

You will be overwhelmed how the whole concrete temple built on this top of the hill which do not have a car access. On top of the temple, you will see spectacular paddy field view.

On our way down, we saw this creature blocking our way. I had goose bump all over seeing the lizard so clear. @_@ I remember a friend bought it as a pet with RM180 10 years back. So other than goose bump, I saw $$$ on it too~ :D

How to go Berapit Hill
Direction: From BM town, drive towards Berapit, you will passed by SRJK(C) Jit Sin and SMK Berapit school and also railway track. You will then see hawker center and pasar/market on right-handside, right before the wet market, there is a junction on right which you need to turn in, you can notice the signboard pointing Taman Pearl. Look up for the mountain and drive towards it, you will be driving through residential area and the path is behind the houses.

GPS Coordinate:
N 5 22.596  E 100 28.467

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hiking Monkey Beach, Penang National Park

Have been really busy and accumulated bunch of interesting places to write. Wonder when can I catch my blog up-to-date. Obviously I play more than I write. :p

We went to Penang National Park again for some hiking last month.
This time, we want to explore another track, which is Muka Head. Again, remember to register your name at the entrance and sign off when you leave the park, for safety purpose. Entry to National Park is free.

Walk straight into the jungle and you will see the road splits into 2 ways. We took the one towards Muka Head.

The track started much easier compare with the trail of Pantai Kerachut. There are up and down along the way, but not so steep, pretty smooth for bad stamina people like me. The trail is cooling as there are wind from the sea constantly blowing in, while we walking on it which built with cement staircases, soil, rocks and fallen trees.

There are toilet break after 15mins walk.

The view along the way is really good as we could always see the coastline. It took us about 40mins to reach Teluk Aling where USM research center located and there are people picnic-ing and camping on the beach. We continue walking and reach Monkey Beach in another 50mins. Total up 1 hour and 30mins. We didn't proceed further to Muka Head as V sprained her leg... pain...
Clean and clear water at Monkey Beach

There is a hut at Monkey Beach which provides food & beverage but upon pre-order only. So we can only watch people eating...

Buggy car to be fun drive on the beach and food ordering pls call..

Don't want to stay in the hut at Monkey Beach despite it was really hot outside at 3pm. We walk further and found a stream that flow through the woods into the sea. The sceneric that we see in postcard, seriously. :D

V watching fish and she just so love to get her feet wet..
And that's me :p still with shoes on the beach...

We again, took the boat ride back to the National Park entrance at RM10 per person. I'm not sure we were lucky or what, we always manage to share boat with others when we were there. No need to book any boat in advance.

But anyway, below are the boat rates detail.
National Park Entrance - Monkey Beach: RM40 one way/boat
National Park Entrance - Pantai Kerachut: RM80 one way/boat.
No cheaper for return. Not sure 8 or 10 person per boat.

So I think it really worth it if have more people travel together although I still enjoy trekking to the beach.

The boat services booth are located at the park entrance.
Manage to get their name card. You can get it from their booth and call them in case you need a ride back.

Penang National Park

GPS Location:
N 5 27.561 E 100 12.396