Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behind 50, Love Lane Penang

Sometimes just want to hang out at a place, quiet and comfortable.

Noticed this Behind 50 on Love Lane during our stay at Ryokan Chic Hostel. It's kinda late and tired that day so I promised Viv to bring her here next time.

So here we are, after our prayer at Tze Chi, no alcohol. Well, I'm fine with simple drinks. :)

 A drink, a snack. Read my book while Viv was drawing.

 Nowadays, people all like to dig out all their old stuff for deco, really a trend.
I love Pinocchio

The music came from the old record player, simply special. Enjoy every minute spent at the cafe.

Photo credited to V's - Life's Simple Pleasures

Behind 50
Address: Corner shoplot at the junction of Lorong Love (Love Lane) and Jalan Muntri (Muntri Street).
Tel: +6012-5565509 / +6012-4939230
GPS Location: N 5 25.178   E 100 20.214
Price Range: RM5-RM20

Faces Western Corner, Georgetown Penang

Have been addicted to the online discount coupon for quite some time. It has become a daily routine to check the coupon website, like login to Facebook first thing in the office. Bought the coupon from for this Faces Western Corner simply because it is really cheap. RM 9.90 for buy 1 free 1 Main Course.

We finally got time to spend this coupon (do not learn this at home, we could possibly bought the coupon but did not use it, what a waste).

Located on Lebuhraya Peel, the place is really hard to find, I suggest you come from Jalan Macalister if you are driving.  Keep attention on your left, there's a turn to a enclosed compound where many bridal shops reside. Faces Western Corner is hidden behind the bridal shops.You will see its very small signboard right at the entrance of the compound.

The first impression is, it's really deserted. Only 2 cars at the ample parking space (1 belong to the staff I think). As expected, only 2 of us in the restaurant. And 2 staff watching TV, one Indian/Bangla, one Chinese young man.

The staff is very attentive, although really not professional. You can say it feels like home. :p
Looking at the situation, we were kinda worry... What to do? Don't simple buy coupon lar...
We order 2 chicken chops with different cooking style.
Champagne Chicken Chop
Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Look the same huh? Well, they do taste differently.

I'm glad the chicken is quite good. Nothing special but good in taste and tenderness. The fries and bean did not meet the standard though. Small in portion, fries is not crispy, bean overcooked. But we still glad the chicken was ok.

The setting and environment is quite ok actually, clean and spacious, except they really need to put more air-condition.

This is why they called Faces

For those working nearby, it's really worth eating at the restaurant as the price is quite reasonable. They serve Asian food as well.

But the outlook of the restaurant really need improvement, have to make it more lively, not just let it looks deserted like that. It doesn't make your customer wanna come back again as the feeling is too down. And more signboard and banner, not just selling cheap at coupon website, it doesn't help you for long term. I hope it able to survive. :)

Faces Western Corner
Address: No. 2, Lebuhraya Peel, Georgetown, 10350 George Town, Malaysia.
Tel: 604 226 0079 (for reservation)
Business Hours: Mon - Sat : 12pm to 3pm / 6pm to 12pm (Closed on Sunday)
GPS Location: N 5 25.445    E 100 18.985

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

IDEALITE, Organic Restaurant 生命阳光

Happened to check out the Idealite organic restaurant during my vegetarian friend's visit to Penang. Idealite is famous for its natural food healing and health conscious program.

The shop is actually built in the housing area, with a double-storey corner lot, probably harder to spot.

The place is quiet and comfortable, with air-conditioned, spacious with a corner selling packed organic product.

Looking at their menu, they have more choices compare to other organic restaurant I have been and with reasonable price as well, without any tax. They thoughtfully labeled every dish if it contains garlic, egg or chilies. Useful for vegetarian, although I can't guarantee how they cook it behind. LOL.

A bit unhappy because my green curry got brinjal/egg plant which I don't like... @_@ Maybe they should label brinjal too?
My Green Curry, RM9.70
Set Lunch A, RM9.70
Claypot Rice (Pumpkin Rice) Where's the claypot? RM7.70

But overall, the food tasted just nice, not too salty or flavoring. A place I will visit  again.

IHS Natural Healing Sdn Bhd 生命阳光馆
Address: 37, Lengkok Berjaya, ‎10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-2286650/04-2263650
Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am - 9pm (Close on Monday)
GPS Coordinate: N 5 25.904   E 100 18.484

Passed by the shoplot where Bella Italia/Red Bistro reside on your right and EON Bank on left. Right after them there is a cross road junction, turn left and look for 37, Lengkok Berjaya.