Sunday, November 20, 2011

La France, French Cafe in Penang

Exploring few new cafes in Penang last month, one of them is La France which located on the off Burma Road.

The off Burma Road is kinda hard to access because lots of them are one-way streets. I kind of turn in using Jalan Tavoy or Arraton as I remember. From Jalan Arraton to Jalan Services, if you found any road that can turn in then you should try your luck, because all of them are accessible to La France on Jalan Irrawaddi.

Located on the off Burma road, giving La France a quiet and relax environment out of buzzle from the busy Burma Road.

Spot the La France exterior at the end of Jalan Irrawaddi (hard to tell you is which end, look for the map from the Location link at end of post :p).
The first dish had already impressed us, the wild mushroom soup. Taste very good but should just order one to share because it's too gravy for asian (very 'hek' after drinking... heh)

Ouh, back to the first thing that impressed us, not the mushroom soup actually, but the price on the Menu! The price is relatively cheap if you ask me, for a good ambient restaurant in Penang. The main course price ranging between RM8++ to Rm1X++, which is the first Big impressed.

The omelette for share came next. It was super super super super delicious! The egg just simply melted in mouth like cheesecake! Never had such a nice omelette in my life time. Wonder how tasty an omelette could be? You must try it yourself!

I ordered Aglio Olio pasta again, obviously a very wrong choice of the day. I knew it at my first bite, why am I order Italian food in a French restaurant??? = =!!! The spaghetti tasted ok, well it's quite nice, but no surprise... T_T Someone as "ngong goi" as me, xing order pasta as well. :p

Well, my very clever V, as smart as usual, ordered Croques (french sandwidch, I don't even know what is it on the menu) and didn't inform me at all! The Croques is cruncy, nicely grilled and baked, and generous for the ingredients.

V's mum ordered mushroom pancake, which is nicer than my pasta too~ @_@

Overall, the food is really nice. We saw the chef is a Caucasian, heard he is the owner itself from France. :) Happy to found another nice restaurant in Penang.

La France Cafe and Restaurant
Address: 3b, Jalan Irrawaddi, Georgetown
10050 Penang.Tel: +6012 4127355
Business Hours: 12pm to 3pm - 6pm to 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS coordinate: N 05° 25.571  E 100° 19.255

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  1. Why they use this type of pasta? I not really like this type of pasta, more prefer the one like noodle