Monday, December 19, 2011

Ryokan Chic Hostel in Penang

I was in Ryokan Chic Hostel last weekend. There's not much chance for a person to stay at a hostel/hotel at his/her own place. Thanks to Venice, who bought extra voucher for the bed and thanks to her friend who did not show up, we got 2 beds available for the Saturday night.

Ryokan Chic is currently Number 1 hostel in Penang on Special Lodging category in TripAdvisor. I went there as a semi-penangite with a high expectation, and probably kinda strict when writing the review but only hope for a improvement on the hostel in Penang. However, I am not rating Ryokan with a hotel standard, but on a very basic thing a hostel should have.

Ryokan, is nicely decorated, with modern and comfortable design. They provide en-suite bedroom and also dorm bed. We were staying in a 4-bed dorm that night.

There are 5 things which I find really important when we looking for a accommodation.
1. Cleanliness 2. Hot Shower 3. Aircon 4. Price 5. Location
Yes, Ryokan did all these 5 very well.

The whole hostel is really clean. If you just looking for a clean place, yes it is.
They use a rain shower head for their bathroom, really great shower, big flow of water, hot water working fine. Individual air-condition in the dorm room, working fine, adjustable temperature.

They have a good quality bed and pillow and plenty of extra features you might not find at other hostel in Penang. Free wifi, IPAD in common area for use instead of an old PC, reading area with books on shelf, surfactant (shampoo & shower gel) provided, individual locker, bed-side lamp, power plug and small compartment where you can put your valuable belongings beside you when you sleep.
ipad ipad~
power plug and small compartment
Individual locker
However, the Big Big problem, I couldn't sleep At All whole night.
Why? With this kind of high quality stuff, why can't I sleep?

There is no blanket provided, it is on a rental basis at RM3. Is my fault not to rent one? Why am I want to pay an extra RM3 for something which is so BASIC??  I will assume they did it because their hostel rate is too low for ROI, charging on a most basic thing, AirAsia strategic man~

The gorgeous wooden floor is another culprit, staying in a heritage house, it wasn't fun. :( I can hear people walking around with the "ngek.. ngek..." sounds cause by the wooden floor, and the bed even shaking when some big guys passed by.
There must be a way to solve this problem, I hope Ryokan can solve this to make it a real No.1 in Penang. You are almost perfect!

Hesitated now? If you sleeping like a pig usually, not too worry. At least my friends able to catch a good sleep. After all, it is a very good hostel with all the things they have provided.

You can find my review in TripAdvisor here.
*Photos credited to V - Life's Simple Pleasures.

Ryokan Chic Hostel
62 Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: + (60)4-2500287
GPS Coordinate: N 5 25.193E 100 20.166

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