Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Penang to Melaka By Flight

According to The Sun news, and personally check out on Firefly website, it is confirmed that there are flights travel between Penang and Melaka from 6th April!

This is  a really great news no matter for tourist or homeseeker like me.

Everyone is wondering why there's no flight between the 2 states which both categorized as UNESCO Heritage Site, this could bring so much convenience to people. Too bad, I can't figure out why too... Although there are rumours saying there are government control or Melaka Air simply do not wish other competitors to enter the market. However, none of them are proven to be true.

Nonetheless, People can now make booking to and fro Penang and Melaka through Firefly Website. The business belong to Melaka Air but the airplanes are rented from Firefly according to the news.

There are 2 scheduled flight weekly, Monday and Friday. The air ticket price are now RM142 one-way (excluding tax), which I find really expensive for a flight that run 1 hour 10 mins fly time. What to do? This is common in a monopoly scenario. Unless you want to take a 6 hours "express" bus... It's RM30-RM40 by bus, but Time is Money for some people~

Let's us look at the Time and Price...

Total RM394 per pax for round-trip including taxes. I can fly to Sabah or Hong Kong in Air Asia with this price. Do check your desired flight time from FireFly Website here.

Good Luck, Friends!

* Update on Cheaper Price with Melaka Air direct booking! Click Here.