Monday, November 10, 2014

Malindo Air - Flight from Penang to Melaka

Good news! Finally, there's an airline willing to fly between Melaka Airport and Penang again.

Malindo Air has started the flight schedule between Penang and Melaka since 5th November 2014. It is available for booking from Malindo Air website now! The flight are schedule to fly on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday currently.

Departure time:
Penang -> Melaka  : 10:10 AM
Melaka -> Penang  : 03:15 PM

The price ranging from RM59-RM99 for less popular weekdays, and RM99-RM149 on weekends and Fridays.

Here are some snapshot of price obtained from the website:

For more information, please go to Malindo Air website:

There are news that mentioned another airline - Rayani Air will be flying the same route from January 2015 onward.  Let's stay tuned...

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