Thursday, October 6, 2011

Penang Hill Photowalk

Went to Photowalk on Penang Hill last week. We couldn't wake up to catch the 6.30am cable car for sunrise. We need to wake up at 5++am, it's too killing especially we already shoot the sunrise at the same place before already, so we 顺理成章 refuse to wake up. :) We catch the 8am cable car and get to the top.

The waiting hall is more spacious and the train is much much faster now. It tooks about 8 minutes up and 4 minutes down. Keep ur ticket well as it's a return ticket. The train has air-conditioned but it's still quite small for the crowd as only one train every half an hour. However, the air circulation is much better and comfortable.
waiting hall

Even we were late, we were so lucky to catch the "Jesus Light" once we step out from the cable car station. That's was so beautiful, V said, it's looks exactly like the CG (computer graphic) End of The World scene. I couldn't agree more.

There's a Hindu Temple and a mosque on the hill. I wonder why it doesn't have chinese temple.

 There are some walking trails surrounded. Walking and shooting along the trail, there are some colonial houses on the hill, mostly private. Just found out from this trip, nowadays, they have buggy car (like those golf cart) ready to fetch visitors to stroll around the trail.
just happened we met the midst

Stingy kind of me, rather walk. I like it as I can stop whenever I want, although sometimes feel really lazy. We walk for about 1-2 hours to and fro our starting point (the Hindu Temple), we didn't finish the trail, and I wonder how far it goes.
little stall on the trail
Nothing much to shoot if you ask me (I'm not favour in flower and plant shooting), but walk in flora & fauna feel really refreshing and relax for a weekend.

There's a food stall on Penang Hill too where you can have some local delicious before you take the trail. There are laksa, char koay teow, nasi lemak & etc.

However, for Assam Laksa, you should try the famous Ayer Itam Asam Laksa which is just nearby the foot of Penang Hill.
How to Go Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) & Ayer Itam Assam Laksa
GPS Coordinate:
N 5 24.482 E 100 16.638

If you are coming from Georgetown, passing through State Mosque, keep following Ayer Itam signboard. You will reach a Roundabout, take the 2nd exit (12 o'clock direction) will lead you to Bukit Bendera. Taking 1st exit (9 o'clock direction), you will passing by Ayer Itam Police Station on right and reach Air Itam town (same direction to Kek Lok Si). You will know When you reach Air Itam town, because it's a very buzzy street. Take note on your right-hand side for a junction which also the route to Kek Lok Si. When you turn into right, you will see the Assam Laksa stall on left and a old food court on your right. (You will see Penang and Malaysia Flag at the stall :D) Beside the stall is Ayer Itam Wet Market.

Cable Car Price/Fares & Schedule:
I forgot to shoot Malaysian Price (with your MyKad/IC) as below:
Adult (below 55 year-old) : RM8
Children(3 to 12 year-old) , Student & Senior Citizen (below 55 year-old): RM4

Picture below is price for Non-Malaysian:

Buggy Car/Cart Fares:
RM30-RM60 for 25-40 minutes ride. The cart have 4-8 seats (depends on the size of the cart), I'm not sure how exactly they count the price though.

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