Monday, October 17, 2011

Stay in Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale 法国村

Finally meet my family again on Hari Raya Holiday. My nephew, Ealhdun is getting bigger and he can speaks already now!

Have been doing lots of research but seems like the accommodation choice is very limited on Bukit Tinggi aka Berjaya Hills. Saw Meranti Park Suites and The Chauteau on the way up to Colmar Tropicale, where we booked our stay. However, they are lack of information on the internet.

We booked our standard room (2 pax) at a rate of RM233++ after 5% early-bird discount. This is probably the most expensive accommodation that I book myself which break my rule as a backpacker. Below is the discount rate for early-bird, which make quite a big difference on price.
5% discount, if book 7 days in advance.
10% discount, if book 14 days in advance.
25% discount, if book 30 days in advance.

I ask for a upstairs room during check-in. The receptionist said they run out of Standard Room at upstairs so they upgrade us to 1-bedroom suite for free. I was so happy but end up the suite is really not what I expected. Colmar Tropicale is a 4-star rated Hotel, however, it's really disappointed on the accommodation they have given. 4-star price, worst than a RM60 per night budget hotel. Please find my comment on TripAdvisor.
look at the tv
the kitchen
our bedroom
shower + toilet

The accommodation come with complimentary entry to Japanese Garden and Botanical Garden on Bukit Tinggi. We had a nice walk an Japanese Garden. Worth for seeing but once would be enough. The Botanical Garden looks more like a nursery with poorly handled plants. Tools and soil for plants are all over the place. We don't even bother to check it out.

We went to the Rabbit Farm also which costs us RM3 per person. Pretty nice because we are allow to go into the fence and touch the rabbits. Bitbit and Loklok like it too. :D
my kids
The ridiculous part is we need to take the shuttle back to Colmar Tropicale before we can take another shuttle to another destination, which make a long waiting time following their schedule.
Do bring your swimming suit as they have a swimming pool there and there's nothing much else you can do.

The Mondiva shows is the most interesting of all, despite they have several shows per day, all are the same. The show bring lots of fun and merries. Ealhdun watch until not blinking and have tears in his eyes. Silly boy... :D

We had our lunch at La Flamme with pizza and Le Poulet Roti Roast Chicken for dinner. The pizza is good and my dad said their pasta is not bad either. The Rosted Chicken Meal is kinda small in portion and not very impressive. Overall the price of food is extremely high compare to other major tourist spot in Malaysia. The main course costs between RM20 to RM40 each. It's really expensive for a tasted-not-so-good meal.
Pizza at La Flamme
Hotel buffet breakfast held at Le Blason Restaurant which also provides buffet lunch and dinner. Customers staying in Colmar Tropicale are covered with the complimentary buffet breakfast here. The breakfast is quite standard but with more variety. The have cereal, ham and sausage, toast, fried noodles and kuey teow, porridge, omelette cook as per order, and plenty choices of French pastry.

It's not cold at all during daytime. Just normal Malaysian attire, t-shirt and shorts will do. There are some cold air at night time, light sweater is recommended.

Bukit Tinggi is only good if you are looking for some nearer getaway with no expectation. LOL...
Good Luck!

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