Monday, December 19, 2011

Smel's Cafe, a nice cafe in Perai

Looking for a nice cafe in mainland?
Ya, me too. All the fancy restaurant and cafe are located on the island, why is it nobody want to open one in mainland?

Finally, we found one. If you looking for a nice place to dine on Christmas and wanted to stay away from the crowd in Island, here it is. I don't know from where V dig out the cafe, but here we are, checking out our new-found-land, Smel's Cafe.

Don't ask me where's the "Smel" come from...

The Smel's Cafe, built with a house in the housing area instead of a shoplot. Located in Chai Leng Park, it's kinda hidden. Where's Lebuhraya Kurau? Drive along Taman Chai Leng trunk road, where Golden Claypot on your right, Hong Leong Bank on left. Drive straight until you passed by all the shoplots. There's a junction with Lebuhraya Kurau road sign on your right. You might see lots of car turn into the road too. Drive about 3 seconds, you will see Big Smel's Cafe billboard on your left.
parking spaces in front of the house

The exterior and interior looks like have a jungle theme. Not too bad except I being bite by mosquito, like in jungle... LOL, kidding, not that serious, just 1 or 2 bites. The only drawback is no back rest, which means you can't sit for a long time comfortably.

Looking up at the menu, the main course mostly cost between RM10 to RM30. The lunch set looks more value for money, with soup of the day and a drink (concentrated juice + water: mango, blackcurrent, peach and...)

The chicken meat is tender, nicely grilled and taste delicious, not too much of blackpepper like those "blackpepper chicken chop" and not too spicy. They give a generous portion too, with nicely deep fried hashbrown and vegetables.

I ordered Paella Seafood Fried Rice, which is... I don't really like it actually, all because not knowing it is rich in bell pepper. It actually taste good if I like bell pepper, unfortunately I don't like bell pepper taste, no matter in any form of cooking. The rice is a bit wet, as a style of Spain fried. The seafood is quite generous too, as you can see, with squids, prawns and 2 mussels (a bit overcooked though).

Not forgot to mention their soup of the day. Not mushroom soup or chicken soup. It's green in colour. LOL...

V guesses it's brocolli soup, while I only found out the taste is brocolli after she told me that. Gravy and nice in taste, most important, it's special!

Overall, the food taste really good, not a boring western cafe, you know... :)

*Didn't bring camera that day, all photos credited to V - Life's Simple Pleasures

Smel's Cafe
Address: 20, Lebuhraya Kurau,Taman Chai Leng,
11300 Perai, Malaysia
Tel: 04-3978891/ 04-3979891

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