Monday, March 26, 2012

Hiking Cherok Tokun, Tea Spa Bukit Mertajam

Started to work out since last month for our coming KK Trip. It is always not too late although it scares me everytime thinking of it.

Tokun is one of the hiking place nearest to my house, been there few times but only manage to get to the 2nd Rest Station once. There are 2 trails in Tokun, one is in tar road, another will be walking in the woods.

I always take the soil trail for way up and come down using tar road. It took about 45mins to reach an exit staircase to tar road from soil track. Walk 15mins on the tar road to reach the first shelter, where they call the "Rest Station". If you did not exit from the staircase, continue your way up in the jungle, it took another half an hour to reach the 2nd Rest Station, this is easier than the first part of the trail as it getting higher and have less ground vegetation which means you have more open air and oxygen.
Descend down with tar road takes less than 1 hour, it was easier but my knee and hip was quite hurt. Lots of uncles & aunties walk faster than us... @_@

The whole journey took 2 hours ++ on our very slow speed. :)

Next, comes the whole point of hiking at Tokun, the Tea Spa (森林茶坊). :D

All of the food there are extremely delicious~ Probably too exhausted or they are just simply too nice! Sipping tea while listening to the birds singing, simply what we looking for on a Sunday morning~
Most Delicious Herbal Tea Egg
Feel refreshing having Chinese tea after work out

Extremely love this Mee Tiao! Don't have any ingredient but simply just tasted so nice on its own with garlic! You must try their Chicken &Mushroom Noodles too!
Teochew Mee Tiao 潮州面条

Tea Spa Corner
Opening Hours: Morning after 9am or 10am - evening . Sunday - 10am onwards
Location: Right at the foot of Tokun Hill

Cherok Tokun
Direction: Drive along Jalan Kulim from Bukit Mertajam (BM) towards Kulim direction. Passed through St. Anne Church on your left, go straight for another 300m (agak-agak) and notice a small road on left with a Mee Ketam shop at the junction corner, turn into it and drive till the end. Opposite the junction(right-hand side of Jalan Kulim) is a mosque (Masjid Jamek Cherok Tok Kun). If you passed the mosque, you are overshot.

GPS Coordinate: N 5 22.147  E 100 29.068
Tips: Do bring mosquito repellent.

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