Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shinjuku Cafe, Japanese Restaurant at Raja Uda

I think in the mind of most people, we got to eat western food during Valentine's Day, the candle light's charm...

Therefore, those places are packed with lots of people. To avoid traffic, we, mainlandant have to stay at mainland for the day.
This indeed make people a really big head, where not much nice western food in mainland as far as I know. Moreover, I need something new, not Nando's, not Manhattan Fish Market... @_@

After Googled bunch of things, decided to go Richard's Top Taste Cafe in Inderawasih. It's very near to my house, it's cheaper, and vkeong's blog mentioned about it.
I purposely drive passed the shop on my way back home. I got scared away by it's outlook. Ok, I'm not gonna go there during Valentine's Day. Quickly called another restaurant on my list, fully booked. Call another one... Fortunately~
And here we are, Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant near Raja Uda at Pusat Perniagaan Teras Jaya.

And yes, we going to have Japanese food on Valentine's, not western.

The shop is on the same street with Who's Bryan and Apex, and on the 1st floor (upstairs, not so easy to spot), opposite of Chung Ling Secondary School (北海钟灵中学对面). The interior is ok, not a high-class one but with dim light, room temperature, not hot and not cold either, and not noisy, the thing that I felt most grateful.
My kids just tooooo cute
In fact, I was quite worry about the food.

The first dish comes up was salmon sashimi. The salmon given was quite thick, but still small in portion with a price of RM13.80. It's fresh and taste good, which make us happy for awhile.

 Next is the cheese-baked scallops (hotate), RM12.80. It was disappointed. I need to scratch the shell to take out the scallop meat, obviously overcooked. And I could not understand the taste of the sauce. Taste like there is ginger inside... never had a scallop with ginger before. Kinda weird, probably because I really don't like ginger.

Teppanyaki chicken set came later. The chicken tasted quite nice, a satisfied one. It costs RM16.80 with miso soup, salad, fruits and green tea. The miso soup is terrible by the way. I cooked a better miso soup with the miso paste bought from organic shop. @_@

Another main course we ordered is Gekikara Ramen (Spicy Seafood Ramen). The appearance looks convincing, but the first mouth make my eyes really big, what is this...?
It taste really weird, I can't tell what is wrong with it. After few more mouth, I felt it was scorch. I didn't ask waiter/waitress about it. Still wondering is it how it supposed to taste or it is really burnt. I couldn't finish the noodles.

Well, it wasn't a good experience. I just so glad it was my main course that tasted terrible. But still, we hardly get a pure Japanese Restaurant in mainland here (Sushi King & Sakae not count la), it does have a chance that their sushi could be nice. If anyone happened to taste their sushi, do update us on it. :)

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant
Address:28,Lorong Teras Jaya 8, Kawasan Perniagaan Teras Jaya, 12300 Butterworth, Malaysia
Business Hour: Mon - Sun:   11:30am - 03:00pm / 05:30pm - 10:00pm
Tel: 04-3246588
GPS Coordinate:N 5 26.022   E 100 23.436

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