Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hiking Berapit Hill, Bukit Mertajam

We have been hiking every weekend since last 3 months to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Mount Kota Kinabalu challenge.

Hiking on the same mountain is pretty boring, going all the way to Penang Island for training every time is quite pointless too. Hence, we found out the Bukit Berapit at mainland in one of the blog and decided to check it out.

Berapit Hill (aka Bukit Berapit) is actually the same mountain with Cherok Tokun, our beloved Big Mountain Foot (大山脚), just another trail from different side of the mountain.

 Drive into the small road and you will see parking spaces.

The trail is built by cement all the way up to the top. Pay attention on the road as there are mossy on the ground which might be slippery. The road is not accessible by car but motorcycles of the estate worker and people from the temple might be passing by from time to time.

Walk for about 30 mins and there's a junction, left head towards a temple which has a shorter distance and right handside have a longer track towards Vivekavana Solitude Grove (静修园).

We took the longer path which brought us to a beautiful view overlooking Bukit Mertajam township. The track is much difficult compare to Tokun Hill as it is really steep all the way. Although the distance looks like shorter, but we ended up took around 2 to 3 hours to finish a return trip.

There are few rest areas with hut but pretty run down.

After 1 and half hour, we finally reach the end of the trail and the Vivekavana Solitude Grove entrance welcomed us.

The temple is a holy place where monk or people came here for their retreat. Please keep silent and respect while you are in there.

You will be overwhelmed how the whole concrete temple built on this top of the hill which do not have a car access. On top of the temple, you will see spectacular paddy field view.

On our way down, we saw this creature blocking our way. I had goose bump all over seeing the lizard so clear. @_@ I remember a friend bought it as a pet with RM180 10 years back. So other than goose bump, I saw $$$ on it too~ :D

How to go Berapit Hill
Direction: From BM town, drive towards Berapit, you will passed by SRJK(C) Jit Sin and SMK Berapit school and also railway track. You will then see hawker center and pasar/market on right-handside, right before the wet market, there is a junction on right which you need to turn in, you can notice the signboard pointing Taman Pearl. Look up for the mountain and drive towards it, you will be driving through residential area and the path is behind the houses.

GPS Coordinate:
N 5 22.596  E 100 28.467


  1. sorry for disturb. can i know, how long to reach at the peak??? and bukit berapit have quarry activities right??? tq
    plz rply to

  2. It's about 2 hours+ for return trip.