Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pulau Aman Fishing Village

Signboard after exit the Jetty on Pulau Aman. Separate as left and right side of the island.
 We have a short walk on the trail on left after exit from the Restaurant Terapung (Floating Restaurant). The trail don’t have any sign but we hope the trail would be round island, however, after walking 15 mins, it still shows no sign at all, so we finally decided to turn back.

Scenery on the trail

Walking back and V explores to the right of the island which houses numbers of village families. It looks like the Mabul Island village that we went last year, original and close to the nature.

At very end of the right side of the island, there is a very beautiful bay that have not been discovered by many (before I wrote it here of course).

There are few people fishing there. We watched them caught a stingray (malay: ikan pari), and cut its tail. Then they put it in a very small container.

After 5 mins, it gives birth to a baby stingray. The fishing guy said, whenever they caught a stingray, it will gives birth a baby, which they don’t know why. What else... that is survival behavior, knowing that they will be killed soon.

They put the baby stingray back to the sea.  

I don’t like fishing. Don’t like the feeling that we kill the animal with our own hands, or watching it to die. If we have to catch our own food some days, I think I have to be vegetarian...

The trip is a fresh experience for me, watching how people live at the other side of Penang.

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Something to Learn:
"Rays have been known to store sperm and not give birth until they decide the timing is right".[1]
"Stingrays give birth to fully developed, live young, not egg cases like skates do. When they are near term, even the slightest stress - like dangling from a hook or bird’s mouth - can cause them to release their young.  [2]

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