Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pulau Aman - How to Get There

Pulau Aman is one of the nearest tourist island in Penang other than Pulau Jerejak.

I finally get the chance to visit Pulau Aman after almost 4 years in North when my old friend from Batu Pahat visit me during the school holiday.

We started off from Bukit Mertajam, using the north-south highway from Juru Toll, drive for about 15 minutes and exit at Bukit Tambun toll. After exit the toll, turn right following the brown colour signboard pointing Pulau Aman Jetty. Drive for another  500 metres, you will need to make a left turn, stay with the signboard. The left turn will lead you to the Batu Kawan stadium, the biggest stadium in Penang state, in the middle of nowhere, resides on the left-hand-side of the road. Keep driving straight and you will notice the signboard started showing Jetty Cassia.

Before I came, I did some homework and people mentioned there are 2 jetties, Jetty Bukit Tambun and Jetty Batu Musang, where the Jetty Batu Musang is the correct jetty to Pulau Aman now. It make me worry if I was on the right track. But end up, hell the Jetty Batu Musang, none of the signboard mentioned its name. Just follow the Jetty Cassia guys (well at least for these few months until they change again), the Jetty Batu Musang name will only be seen right at the jetty.

It’s nothing complicated because you don’t have much choices on the route, just stay on the road, despite you will see deserted place with bushes and swam, you will reach the jetty eventually. It took us about 40 minutes or less from Bukit Mertajam to the jetty, smooth traffic.

Sorry that I don’t have information on the public transport to jetty.
The ferry/boat fees and schedule can be found HERE

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